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FOX Business
Oct 16, 2012 11:00pm EDT
plush for latinos? you should be with me. the president has seven out of 10 latinos. the sentiment is that is the one edge he has that net romney is unable to break. >> everyboby once the latino vote. we one to them to be successful just like we want everybody to be successful. if they have heard what has been spoken untruths filet about immigration and here in arizona. we have to work harder to get our story out. it was federal law unanimously upheld by the supreme court. employees officers stop people ask for identification. to continuously race bait is wrong. it is wrong to seven thank you governor. i think the next guy is a democrat. robert gibbs former white house spokesman. how did the president do? >> he gave the clear and commanding performance on economic issues as well as national security. he had of great debate. i thought i romney looked a little unbalanced. maybe nervous. tonight was a great success for us. neil: i heard democrats were good enough to get off the map. get in the game. >> we had a lot of discussion with a town hall could you talk directly to them? neil: the
FOX Business
Oct 3, 2012 11:00pm EDT
latinos is 72% favor the president. is that needle going to change? >> let me tell you, that's a poll of latinos across america. there's a massive number of la latino voters in california and new york. those states are not in contention. what about the latinos in florida, virginia, north carolina, colorado -- neil: president's up in florida. >> here's the appointment, the gap is closer. neil: really? >> in fact, florida, i think mitt romney is going to win the latino vote. neil: florida itself? >> florida itself shows it's a 1-point rate, a tie, and president obama won florida last time by four points. that means there's people in florida that voted for him the last time that are not going to vote for him now. that's a trend. i think that's a good trend for us. neil: senator rubio, thank you very much, very much. >> good so see you. neil: you have throngs following you, they are my fans, but, no, that was not the case. peter barnes is out there in -- i don't know if you're in the spin room formally or the alley. where are you, peter? >> in the spin alley, neil, but it's one gigantic s
FOX Business
Oct 22, 2012 11:00pm EDT
thought was stater we and the? florida. how better to make an overture to latinos to say i love westamerica. that is what i will focus on with the aggressive defense of israel and the jewish population this huge may have been a strategy that seems to be consistent. >> absolutely. what about shipbuilding in virginia? mitt romney wanted to spend the money that obama criticized with wheat size going back to bayonet this an industry but it is the key issue in virginia. neil: you can argue the facts and john kerry was considered the winner of all three debates the issue was more likable who would you rather have the beer? mitt romney does not drink but house subliminal they affect you and you are driven to think is this guy presidential? likable? he can be in the white house? it is more got but maybe the first debate set the stage where both candidates deemed equally capable m. both likable the edge obama had going in is not so much. it is a quick reaction but from romney was the two casual? or just the right balance and was the president trying to make up ground? and presidential? y
FOX Business
Oct 3, 2012 7:00pm EDT
white latino, asian, that confront us all. lou: the obama's campaign supporters doing everything they could to be down the story even before it was revealed on hannity last night. the response team sent out a list of skeptical from the york magazine and the "new york times" all professing the injustice station justice saying that the video was published before. we will take up with the former pentagon official and former reagan advisor the "a team" the most important question is if governor romney comes out swinging or takes a more passive approach joining us now is steve hayes. in the way the world you could imagine governor romney to be so secure if he would not be aggressive? >> no. he could be because the advice suggest the does everything he can from look being too aggressive listening to focus groups with suburban housewives who like obama may have voted for him and do not want to see somebody attack the guy they voted 47 but certainly attacking the policies and their consequences painfully to millions of americans. >> remain on the side of those arguing mitt romney needs to be
FOX Business
Oct 15, 2012 7:00pm EDT
times poll showed governor romney leading among latinos in florida, 46 to 44%. those are impressive poll results, and clearly absolutely crashing into the conventional thinking that hispanic-americans will vote monofor president obama in florida, in settlement, he said republican party is natural home of hispanic voters in either resonating with the voters now or it is being proved true in the latest polling or perhaps both, to top it off, a new "usa today-gallup poll" of the swing states today shows romney with a 5 five point leadn the president, 51 to 46 among likely voters. these are likely voters. and the fact is that lead is pretty extraordinary, again with the battle ground states, but the real headline is that the governor has women to thank for this boost in the poll results. the governor is now tied with the president, 48 to 48%. among women. that is a very big deal indeed, back in 2008, women supported president obama over john mccain by a 1 13 point margin this is likely to have a profound impact on the elect if these trends continue, but meet conclude with, mainstream liberal
FOX Business
Sep 30, 2012 8:00pm EDT
from today's polls. >> they assume you have the same high level of african-american, latino, yo ung people from 2008. >> david axelrod said polls are widely different in the methodologies so to think they are all wrong. but this is a close race. as we have always predicted. >> the race is not over. it can go back and forth 34 times. met romney half's to create the moment of. >> in the past races were the lead was cut or flipped it is roughly 5% and some cases it was the debate that moved the nidal. lou: our congressional correspondent. thank you mike. 1992 in depended candidate ross perot entered the first of october and ended up 19% of the vote. and special prosecutor decided to influence the outcome to take caspar weinberger with the iran contra affair to lead the way for william jefferson clinton. >> this is called art and to be funded it. we will talk about art to and religion and money and politics. two weeks of cover-up of the murder of our ambassador in the be a. is it taking a toll in the polls? next the "a team." and hollywood's brave new world energy independence is not a
FOX Business
Oct 22, 2012 7:00pm EDT
economist is next. presidential preference, president obama enjoys crowd support from blacks and latinos and women have latino support but does he deserve it? we will see what you say after tonight's "chalk talk." ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] how do you engineer a trurue automotive breakthrou? ♪ you give it bold new styling, unsurpassed luxury and nearly 1,000 improvements. introducing the redesigned 2013 glk. seeour authorized mercedes-benz dealer for exceptional offers through mercedes-benz financial services. lou: a volatile day on wall street. dow jones industrials down 100 points in afternoon trading with a rally in the final minute the dow and s&p strengthened as the 50 day support levels. the s&p up a fraction, the nasdaq up 11. the market uninspired what has been to this point the earnings season at least tepid profits in the s&p, slight comfort and the orderliness in the euro zone. market volume averaged, that is low. the stock i has shown that disappointment. mixed signals reporting a sharp increase in third-quarter profits cut in the outlook the rest of the year disappointing
FOX Business
Oct 22, 2012 8:00pm EDT
reading, but he is scoring surprisingly well with latinos that is divergent from polls in other states where his ticket is surging but still 65, 35, what do you make of that? >> florida has many hispanic voters who may be registered to one party or the other but vote for the best candidate and have been hurt by this economy and the downturn in the economy. looking at statistics, the hispanic community is being hurt. you are seeing that in the polls reflected in florida. mitt romney is offering a solution, what is hurting the president is an outline governing the agenda for next 4 years. you look at outline could barack obama has failed to layout an agenda for the next 4 years, what is he doing different, to get right what he has gotten wrong. he does not talk about those, that has hurt him among all voters, but really hispanic voter who to not like negative campaigns. neil: tonight, rap against mitt romney she does not present a grand vision you allude. to does he have on, not say whether we would go to war with iran, because, to differentiate that, the only distinguishing facto
FOX Business
Oct 19, 2012 9:20am EDT
will have any effect on the latino vote at 10:35. remember we have a special election day addition of "varney and company" for you. we will start at 9:20 as usual but also get a brand new "varney and company" live at 5:00 at night on election day at 5:00 eastern. not just home builders will looking at this morning, not good news for those big tech names that you know. we can expect profits at google. as it bounced back much? nicole: it has been bouncing back but not where it was yesterday. yesterday gave opportunity for folks for the big business and platform and mobil ad revenue to get in. it was a good buying back off of the lows but now covering just under the $700 mark. i should note seven analysts reduced their numbers some because of the top and bottom line but they still seem to talk about long-term growth and mobil ad revenue. stuart: we have it. $700 and the dow down 100. weak pc sales hit microsoft profits. nicole: we have seen microsoft down 1.8% all morning long. a quarterly numbers noo that impressive but we will watch next week when we get more news from microsoft window
FOX Business
Oct 24, 2012 9:20am EDT
and latinos. the youth vote is dwindling. 2008 craze of students supporting president obama in droves is not the same. students are disillusioned and 50% of college graduates cannot find work in the degree studied in and the craze is dwindling. stuart: i gotcha, but there's a plurality of young people voting for obama in this election 13 days from now. it's still a plurality, isn't it. >> it seems to be that way in polls, but we have to look at a very special indication, and that's enthusiasm, the gap is way down than in 2008 and multiplier effect and the fact that a lot of younger voters are not knocking on doors the way in 2008. might be voting more president obama, but not necessarily recruiting voters. stuart: you're a known republican and don't hide your light under a bushel. everybody knows where you're coming from. what kind of reception do you get under other young people when you reveal yourself to be a republican. >> well, i try to come across sometimes from an independent perspective and narrow it down. the president has accumulated 5 trillion dollars worth of new at the ti
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12 (some duplicates have been removed)